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*cleans the spider webs forming at the corner of this journal*

Showing myself again. What's up?

Life has been pretty good since I got my schedule changed. I'm not particularly fond of my Tuesdays since most of the students are kinda bratty and I have a 3 year old girl I want to punch in the face. But whatever, I have Sundays off and I get to go to concerts so WOOHOO.

I actually wanted to post because I feel like whining about fandoms. Can I?
Thank you.

1. CL vs. 2NE1
I don't know why people were so upset over the fact that CL was getting a solo. I mean, I get it that 2NE1 fans are really looking forward to a comeback and that in a way CL's solo set that back a bit. But I mean, the girl deserves a solo! Bom had 2 solo singles, Dara had a commercial single, it was due time that the LEADER of 2NE1 would get her solo spotlight, no?
And then the video came out and there was so much hate about it. People complaining that it's nothing like 2NE1, that's it's culturally offensive and whatnot.
I don't know what people expected? I mean, CL is a rapper and this is her SOLO project, clearly it would be rap-focused AND completely different from 2NE1's music, otherwise there's no point in the solo. And as for being culturally offensive. I'm getting so tired of this. So they think they're "gangsta" and from the "hood" even though there is no "gangsta" or "hood" in Korea. SO.WHAT.
If every country would only be allowed to stick to its own culture, nothing would move, ever. Kpop wouldn't exist, Jpop wouldn't exist. NOTHING would exist. Classical music would have stayed in Europe, etc. etc. Fashion would stay the same everywhere. What a horribly boring world we would live in.
Our world THRIVES on cultural fusion. And that means, sometimes having an asian face with gangsta fashion singing about thung life. WHO CARES.
They're not doing it to mock is or to demean it, they're doing it out of artistic appreciation. Or if you think I'm putting too much into it, because they think it's cool. And what's wrong with that?
So yes. It pisses me off.

2. Game of Thrones "book fans".
So the latest Game of Thrones episode was one of the series' highlights. Having read the books, I saw it coming the whole season and yet I was still shocked, horrified, devastated and crushed. And then on Facebook all the ones who read the books are like "HA, you deserved it you TV show watchers!" as if it's wrong to only watch the TV show?
I've read the first 4 books. They are massive and clumsy and while the stories are great, unless you have the memory of an elephant, reading them and being able to properly digest what's going on there is REALLY REALLY HARD. The TV show on the other hand is amazing. It organizes things in a way that is easier to follow, without taking away the depth of the story. And who the hell "deserves" feeling like their whole world has just crumbled? Why are people such assholes in EVERYTHING?

I hate people. :|

I also wanted to whine about the Eat Your Kimchi haters that always use 2 excuses for EVERYTHING but I'm tired now and I have parents' day tomorrow.

Peace out.
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(no subject)

So yesterday I went to the G Dragon concert in Saitama Seibu Dome.
It was probably the worst weather for a concert. In the morning it was freezing and rainy and then when I reached the concert area (over 2 hours later... damn these distances), it wasn't raining anymore but it was still freezing, and the Seibu Dome is an open arena x_x It has a roof but no walls. IT WAS FREEZING.
HOWEVER, freezing and all, the concert was awesome!! GD was adorable and played songs from both albums. His Japanese is as bad as mine and it was really really funny seeing him struggle to make proper sentences :X
Taeyang was the special guest and he played 2 songs as well and wore his usual stupid hair but he was really really cute! At first he said hi to the wrong city XD (I think he said Osaka? o_O idk), so to make up for it he did a little "Saitama love" song. :P
He and GD were adorable when they were on stage together. Super sweet.
GD sang Michi GO twice and the epic Crayon/Fantastic Baby mashup twice too. We were very happy :B
Poor guy at the end though was clearly exhausted so he lay down on the stage and the dancers dragged him off stage XD
It was really great seeing that he has fans of all age groups. There were entire families as well as boys who were not just accompanying their girlfriends! Lots of tiny fans too who got to be all gangsta and adorable X3
So yes, I had a great time but the distance killed me. I left the house at 9:30am and arrived back at 23:40.

Today I spent a long time outside as well because I'll be going with rotem to Korea next week so I needed to get all sorts of things sorted out. I also had my Japanese lesson and the teacher gave me a shitton of homework :X :X
I also managed to get a ticket to Koda Kumi's concert in June and I'm PSYCHED. But again, quite the distance. Not in Saitama but in Yokohama. It's like they're avoiding Tokyo or something XD
YamaPi Love XXX

Look! A whining free post!!

Okay so, I have 2 junior-high students on Friday that are the biggest brats ever. They're 13 years old boys and they hate everything, especially English. The first thing they say when they get into class is "Today, no homework!" and then 10 minutes later they say "game time."
So with the help of my head teacher, I managed to turn "game time" into "yeah we're playing UNO but you have to say the prepositions written on the cards in order to play". This is what we've been doing for a while now, so obviously they got bored. 2 weeks ago, one of them told me that he wanted me to bring a new game. I had no idea what to do until another teacher gave me his "Verb Uno" cards to photo copy. They were in black and white so I scanned them and colored them and worked very hard on them. This Friday, I finished them right before class and I made sure that they know how much hard work went into them. We played the game and when they were leaving, I asked if they liked it and they said "yes" !!!!!! of course it was followed with "next week, new game!" because the best thing about the game was the fact I worked my ass on it and not that they got to play. :P
But I don't care, we bonded yo!

Other than that, today I found out that a new student will be joining my super awesome junior-high girls on Saturdays. These girls are super funny and cute and we have a blast ever class. There will be a boy joining them starting next week, they know the boy and those girls are PISSED. They are so pissed that it was just hilarious to watch them whine about it. So to make them even whinier, the manager told them another student will be joining them a month later (which is true, it's another student I have that day, we'll be joining the classes) and the whine-fest was amazing. We couldn't stop laughing.
Unfortunately, it means next week's lesson will probably be really awkward :(

NEXT. My sister and I signed up to a modelling agency in Harajuku a couple of weeks ago and on Friday we got a job for Shiseido but both of us work during the time of the shoot and had to turn it down. T_T I was very sad about this because really, who wouldn't want to be made-up by professional makeup artists with Shiseido products?? grrrr.

So yes! Look I managed to make almost an entire post without bitching and moaning!
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(no subject)

I always feel bad how this journal has become just a whine-fest, but I need a place to vent and this seems to be the only place I can do that...

So first, I'll start with happy stuff. IT SNOWED!! It was pretty crazy and magical. I woke yesterday to the sound of rain, and while I like rain, I was kinda bummed because I needed to do my laundry and the laundry pole was outside. Anyway, I put it in the house and started doing the laundry. Later on I was getting ready to go out to take out money when I got a message from Ann saying "SNOW!" so I looked out the window and it wasn't just snow, it was crazy huge snowflakes snow! Anyway, it was really nice and surprising and made the day very magical. :) Luckily I didn't need to go to work so I didn't get stuck with all the train delays.

But this is also when the whiny stuff start. See, remember how I said in my birthday post that it didn't feel right? Well, after my birthday, I didn't hear from anyone all week. Then Sunday, I teach near Lalaport which is a very VERY big mall. I went there after work with Rie, the manager of the school to get her father a birthday present. We hung out and it was very pleasant. When I got home, I ran into my 3 friends. They hung out together all day (which is great), the thing that made me a bit upset is that they spent their day shopping in Lalaport. They know I work there. Why not text me and say they're in the area?
I know this sounds petty and I really don't mind my friends hanging out without me. The problem is that, this is not an exception. It's the rule. Most of the time I'm left out which makes me feel like a spare. I'm here when all other plans aren't.
See, I talked to my friend who has the same day off as I do and she said "maybe we'll do something tomorrow" (meaning Monday - snow day) and I said sure!
I didn't invite her to do anything because I was at home like a hermit. But she did go out and hung out with other friends. So once again - excluded.
When these things happen again, and again, and again. It starts to hurt.
It just reminds me how every person I've considered my "best friend" or "closest friend" have always considered someone else as theirs. No mutual thing. This leaves me pretty much alone, which is why LJ has become that venting place and it's really fucking lonely.

It's not that I don't have friends. It's that I don't have close friends and no one I can confide to or open up to. It's all jokes and funtimes. Anything more serious than that and there's no one to turn to and I have no idea how to fix this...
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(no subject)

Okay so, let's try and write things pretty much in order.

1. Nagano trip!
It was very very fun and very very painful. XD Snowboarding is definitely not for me. I felt so helpless and had no control over anything it was really frustrating. But the company was great and the snow was magical. :)

2. Fukubukuro:
So starting January 1st, Harajuku and Laforet (a mall between Harajuku and Omotesando) had a "fukubukuro festival" which is one of the funnest thing ever. Especially if you can fit into a Japanese size M. Each store has "Happy Packs" or "Lucky Packs" aka. fukubukuro. Bags varying in size and prices with "mystery" items. The thing is, they're SUPER cheap compared to what you get! I bought a lucky pack from a known punk fashion brand called Algonquins. I usually walk around there, cry and leave the store because their t-shirts cost around 6,000yen. But the lucky pack cost 10,500yen and I got 5 items! The total of what I got? over 50,000yen. Hells yeah~!! Even little packs were super worth it! I got an accessory lucky pack for 315yen and got 5 pairs of earrings! It's a lot of fun, especially for the known brands who specialize in very specific styles.

3. My birthday!
So today I celebrated my birthday with 2 of my friends and my sister. We went to Disneyland and while it was really really cold and super crowded (I think we only went on 4 rides...) it was very nice! :)
Unfortunately, when I got home I realized how much I missed my family and friends back home and how I used to celebrate my birthdays there. I'm so angry with myself about it. I mean, not only is this my first birthday in Japan, but I celebrated it in the happiest place on earth with 3 great people! And yet I feel kind of empty and like something's missing from this birthday...
As soon as I turned on my computer, my dad called me and wished me a happy birthday and I was trying very hard not to cry. Wtf? It makes me so angry.

And that's it.
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So I haven't posted in so long that the interface for posting changed! XD

So, what have I been up to...
On November 15th I almost burned down my apartment! It was a really small fire but the cause was a pot full of oil so the only way to put it off was with fire extinguishers. And when the first one didn't put it off, we called the fire department and used TWO more extinguishers until finally the fire was out. And then the fire department arrived. XD
It was a mess. There was a lot of crying and a shit ton of cleaning after but there was no real fire damage except for the air vent. Next week people will come to replace the wallpapers since apparently a giant pink splatter that looks like someone committed suicide in my kitchen is something that should be removed. :P

Other than that today is the last day of work before vacation!!!
Next week I'll be going to a Christmas party at my student's house. I think it's going to be hilarious since my student's English level is low intermediate and she's going to be the best English speaker among the Japanese people who will be at the party XDD
After that I'll be going with Frances, Ann and Richard to NAGANO!!!! ^O^ We're going to skii~~~~~ (well, at least try XD) I'm super excited and nervous! I've never been to Nagano and the last time I went skiing was when I was 9 years old.

Ah yes, because yesterday was the end of the world, today is the first day after the apocalypse so I've decided to use it as my day of resolutions.
- I want to get a little healthier. I'm not talking about massive changes, but I do want to exercise a bit and get in shape.
- I'm going to study Japanese and put more effort into that.
- I'm going to try and get out of my comfort zone and go to bars because that's apparently the only way you can meet people.
- I'm hoping the more Japanese and going out will help me get a boyfriend :X considering that my 26th birthday is coming up in 2 weeks and I've never had a proper boyfriend, if I don't get one this year, I will truly believe that something is wrong with me.

And on that positive note! I wish everyone the happiest of new years and a merry Christmas to those who celebrate! <3<3
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Teaching story time

So in my schools there are quite a few less than ideal classes. What I mean is that some classes have students in very different levels which creates a lot of problems.
In one of my schools the problem was especially severe. It started with an 11 year old boy that was somehow put in a junior-high textbook. His reading is bad, his writing is bad but his determination was great and so if the text was taught super slowly, he could get it.
But then, a few months ago, another boy joined the class. This is a 12 year old boy in junior high that spent 6 months in the U.S. The levels were totally different and the younger boy started to seriously suffer. He became extra shy and was afraid to ask questions so he ended up crying after each lesson from frustration.
Unfortunately because of his mother's schedule, he couldn't change his time slot.
3 weeks ago I came up with an idea. The lesson right after them is of an 11 year old girl that's super advanced. She's in a textbook above them. I thought we'd try to put the stronger boy with her and see how he copes. So last week, we had a trial lesson and the boy was perfectly fine. He decided to join this class (because he was also feeling really uncomfortable in the other class) and so he was happy and the younger boy was happy. It seemed like a solution was made! But apparently, the girl, and the girl's mother are not pleased. The girl is used to having a lesson alone (not a private lesson mind you because that actually costs more). It's true that she's a very special case, her reading is fantastic and she LOVES English. She loves talking and she enjoys the learning process. The boy is strong with writing and understanding the textbook but he's a slow reader and not a very good speaker.
I thought they can balance each other because her writing and grammar aren't perfect. But her face today made me feel really bad... I really like her, she's one of my favourite students! But it's not fair for anyone if I say "oh she doesn't like him so let's put him back in the class where both kids suffer". He keeps up with the material and he understands. But he's taking some of her "private" time with me away so she's not happy.

It's frustrating. :/ We thought we had a win/win situation but it turned out to be a win/awkward silence draw.

So yes. That's my story of the day.
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Partying in Roppongi

So I had a rare Sunday off and decided to use it by going to Roppongi with my friend on Saturday to party until the morning.
I was super excited and I had a great time. :)
Some funny things happened though:
- it rained (it's still raining actually), so it was a little hard to get around.
- we went to a club that my friend always goes to. It's a tiny place with big tables in the middle so there wasn't really a proper dance floor to speak of which made for some awkward dancing.
- the music was all American club/hip hop music which was really awkward when my friend and her Senpai were getting excited about a song and I had no idea what it was XDD I'm so detached from that type of music I only knew the SUPER DUPER famous ones and even then, not always. :X
- Smoking is still allowed in clubs and bars in Japan so even though the place was completely packed, it didn't stop anyone from smoking. The result? My eyes are super itchy and my hair reeks of cigarettes even though I washed my hair.
- I don't drink so unfortunately I get to see how ridiculous drunk people act, which included my friend :(
- tipsy Japanese girls are hilarious though. At one point I went to the bathroom and there was a long line so one of the girls decided she needed to know the age of everyone in there. There were quite a few cries of "eeeh??? mienai!!" (eh? we can't tell!) XD
- It seems that clubs are where all the Japanese English speakers are. So many people talked to me and their English was pretty good! I was happy.
- It seems as though at some point at night it stops being "let's have fun and party!" and more "let's try and grab as many asses as we can!" D: that was not as pleasant. I didn't mind guys that came up to me and chatted me up (all with the same lines though which was really funny) but when a guy just grabs you by the waist while your walking to the bathroom or when your dancing with someone else, that gets annoying.
- Most of the bar's workers were foreigners. Now I know it's Roppongi and all but still, that was interesting.
- The club is actually right in front of Roppongi's most famous club: Vanity. The line to that club was HUGE and if the neon pink strip was any indication of the size of the place, it was MASSIVE. I kinda want to go there someday just to see what it's like.
- Another bathroom story (it was the funniest place really): I went in and there were 2 Japanese girls checking their makeup or something and as soon as I walked in one blurted out "kawaii!" which was really funny. I thanked her and then began the traditional "I love your shirt!" "I love your dress!" "you're so cute!" "no you are!" XD

Anyway, it was a fun experience filled with good and bad. I'll definitely try again :)
But maybe next time I'll go to Shin Okubo because that's Korea Town and they have clubs with Kpop music :P :P :P
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2NE1 concert

Okay so it's midnight and I've just gotten back from the 2NE1 concert. I just want to write this post before I forget everything I want to say.

1. My seat: I knew I had an "arena" ticket so I was thrilled, but the arena area is pretty big + when we went to the hall I saw that there's "stands" "arena" and "center" so I didn't know how good the seat will actually be.
OH BOY was it good. O_O The woman at the door took me to my seat and she kept going down the stairs until she reached the 3rd row. THIRD ROW. I was practically seating on CL's lap. No seriously, I wasn't in the center, I had a side seat so some of the dancing I didn't see properly, but when I can see that Dara had a heart print on the shaved part of her head without the screens or that Bom was wearing sneakers under her long "elegant" (it was a horrible dress) dress during her solo. I'd say I was close enough ;)

2. All girls are absolutely stunning. Bom looks like a walking barbie doll. Her hair was fabulous (a gradient from light blond on top to dark blond on the bottom with big beautiful curls). CL did not stop smiling the WHOLE TIME. She was glorious. Minzy's dancing is fierce as hell and Dara is the cutest thing on this planet.

3. While I was mentally prepared to hear all the songs in their Japanese versions, my sister and my friend were not too thrilled about it. So we were all pleasantly surprised to see that they did a very good mix of both! Fire was half in Japanese and half in Korean, a lot of the songs were played in their original Korean version too so there was a very good balance. :D

4. CL's solo DJ stage reminded me so much of GD that I was giggling like crazy. Also she played "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" which made me realize how incredibly perfect this song is for them! O_O

5. The live band was super fierce too!! All foreigners, the bass, guitar and keyboard were all women and the drummer was a man. They seemed to truly enjoy being there.

6. The dancers were fabulous! Both male and female! Although most of the time the male dancers were dancing. I thought that was cool :)

7. One lucky guy got to go on stage during Dara's solo and he got a peck on the cheek from her. He came down the stage from my side of the hall and dude looked SO shocked it was awesome.

8. The crowd was amazing!! All the consplayers and everyone was super friendly and cute!! I wanted to hug everyone and make friends. :(

I think these are all the main points I had to share.

All in all, this concert was AMAZING. I'm really happy I got the seat I got because while the girls were totally rocking out, they didn't move from the stage (as in, it wasn't a Johnny's concert were there are 3 different stages where they move around and the entire concert hall gets a close look at them).

And now there's a storm outside and I'm really happy I got home before the rain started here too (when we got out of the concert hall it was raining)
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(no subject)

So I was watching this video:

(it's 35 minutes, be warned)

And while they were talking I've noticed myself trying to cut in. XD
Basically the video talks about the growing popularity of Kpop (mostly through Psy's Gangnam Style) and how the government uses it to boost the popularity of S.Korea itself.
They have a social activist, a C&J reporter and Simon and Martina of Eat Your Kimchi with them.
So the social activist mentions how the image of Korea that Kpop shows is completely distorted and how there's a very huge gap between the rich and the poor etc. Simon and Martina say that while this is true to outsiders, the Kpop fans know that the Kpop artists work extremely hard and that the beginning of their career is really rough etc.
What I'm surprised about is that no one mentions the following:
- if the outside world sees S.Korea as a great example of democracy, do they not think that media control and censorship are anti-democratic? (because I think they are)
- no one mentions that the life expectancy of a kpop group is around 3-4 years and that's most likely because of:
- having more than 100 new bands debut in a single year and thus flooding the market and making impossible for older groups to take a break and for younger groups to thrive.
- No one mentions the fact that Kpop, while shown as this great success story is actually only surviving due to the fact that most bands, right after their debut, run off to Japan where they can make money.
- No one mentions then that this flooding of Kpop in the Japanese music scene might hurt the Japanese music industry and creates extra tension between the two countries.

It also made me think about how much better that Japanese music industry is on many levels.
Like, how yes, you have Johnny's and AKB48 and Morning Musume (kinda) etc. But for some reason, you don't feel like they have the same pressure as Kpop idols do. I think it has to do with the lack of pressure to go global. Japanese acts are for Japan.
Also, wealth is not something that I see being flaunted in Jpop. When I think about their outfits or videos, I have yet to stumble upon an article that tells me what brands the members will wear and how expensive the video is. And this is Japan, where 50% of total sales of brands takes place. Japan LOVES brands. But it doesn't seem to be important enough to wave in your face.

I don't know, maybe I'm blind to very big problems in Jpop and it's in fact worse. I can only compare from what I see and know. But yeah.

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