16 March 2012
:: mood | sleepy ::

I haven't written here in forever!!
I've been settling in to my routine which is great. Although I have constant schedule changes, I'm trying my very best to not let it bother me, because in the end, when I'm actually teaching it doesn't matter. It only annoys me because they "moved my cheese" or basically messed with my ocd.

Other than that, there was a big earthquake yesterday. I was on my 1st out of the 3 train stations on my way home when it struck. It was a little scary and I stayed away from the platform end but nothing happened except train delays. I got home about 30 minutes later than schedule which really isn't that bad, it was just that hopelessness of not exactly understanding what was going on. Since I don't have a cell phone/smart phone and all the announcements in the train stations were only in Japanese I had to connect my information from what I could understand and what other people were doing... Not fun.

Finally, I'm thinking of starting a Vlog... I have a hard time writing things I find interesting sharing, so maybe it'll be easier talking about it? idk... I think it would be nice to do a vlog about surviving in Japan... we'll see. :) I'm very bad at constant updating so...

Right! It's time to go to bed but I'll try and be better about this...

Shira out!


03 March 2012
:: mood | blah ::

So I'm feeling like an emotional rollercoaster. One moment I'm super happy, the other I'm extremely depressed...
It's getting very tiring.
I miss my friends terribly and my family and my dogs. It's very hard to restart everything. Even though that's exactly what I wanted, it's still really really hard.
The loost work schedule isn't helping my "ocd" either which is just adding more stress. And then there's the other teachers.
I love how friendly they are and they really are a support system in a completely foreign country. The problem is that I'm very different. I don't come from their country, English is not my mother tongue so there is no real relaxation there because I still need to think about what I say and how. This is actually really funny because I'm writing in English and I've been speaking English a lot back home too, but I guess not that much, not that often and with the teaching it's quite a lot. This is unexpected.
Also, I'm socially awkward, I don't go to bars, I don't drink, I don't enjoy these things. This autimatically sets me apart. I do try! But it's just not it.
Oh and there's the fact that they've astablished their life routine by now and know where they are. They're comfortable. They know the staff, they know the messed up things also and that's good! It's a place I'll be getting to in a few months (hopefully), but then, hearing the bad things about the company now is kinda disheartning...

So yeah... It's hard.
But the good things are, I'm enjoying 95% of my classes. I haven't had any major clashes in any of my schools (although my schedule tomorrow is annoying me) and I'm settling into a work routine.
I guess the problem is the social life. But yes, I'm working on that too. I just... I don't really want western friends I guess? At least, I don't want that to be my main friends base. It makes no sense to me. I'm not going to be unfriendly or anything! Some of the other teachers are amazing! But yes, I need to reach outside of this bubble.
So it's a good thing I have my first Japanese lesson tomorrow. It's one step closer. :)

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25 February 2012
:: mood | good ::

So, things have been getting better. :)
I still have my off days but I've been having a lot of good days too!
Today I was really proud of myself. In the morning I found out that there's a photography exhibition in Omotesando Hills of Jin Akanishi by Leslie Kee. It's only up for 3 days. I thought about going today but then I got stressed from it and thought I wouldn't.
In the end I did go and I'm really glad I did! :) I got to see beautiful pictures, listen to Jin's new album which I preordered (and got 3 postcards of unpublished pics from the exhibit) AND bought 2 new pairs of glasses! :D
So I'm really proud of myself that I didn't let my usual "but you didn't plan this a week ahead!" self take over and just went for it.

I also personalized my Suica so now, if I ever lose it, I can get my money back :)
This is important because I have this list of things I think will happen to me while in Japan. 2 of these things already happened:
1. I got locked out of my apartment.
2. (this happened today) I missed a step and fell. Of course, I had to fall and hit my already injured leg (the one I injured in New York).

Another thing on that list is losing my Suica. So now, if it happens, I'll at least be able to get my money back :)


20 February 2012
:: mood | happy ::

The last couple of days have been great! :)
I received my very first paycheck! while it was only for January which means it was mostly reimburment for transportation, it was still great to get that. :)
I also went to see Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorny, Phoenix Wright) with Yurie. It was a very cute movie and I had a good time. :)
Today I got a package from home and my Ikea delivery so that was a great start to the day. The weather was lovely so I decided to go out and make a copy of my key. I remembered that a girl in my building has Mondays off too so I decided to be brave and knock on her door to invite her to come with me. This was a very smart idea. We went to Chiba, got my key copied and then hung around and had a great time!
I even finally got a stiffling brush by MAC that I've been wanting for a while!
She showed me tons of new places and was generally amazing company. In the end I also got the new L'Arc en Ciel album AND we went to an imported goods store so I got myself some Cherry Cola and Nutella! *_*
If the weather will be as good tomorrow, I think I'll finally do that trip to Tokyo :) Harajuku and Shibuya.
I hope things will keep being this good. :) Although if they will, I'll have to rework my budget >.>


15 February 2012
:: mood | okay ::

Okay so on Monday night I did something really stupid. I left the house to myself something to eat for dinner but I forgot my keys and ended up locking myself out of my own apartment.
Luckily my neighbors were in and I could call my head teacher. He said he didn't have a spare key so I should go to the guest house and go to the office in the morning to get the master key.
There was a lot of crying involved and I was not a happy camper but I went to the guest house. There's a new teacher staying there so I had company and didn't have to wallow in self pity which was good.
In the morning I got myself to the head office, took the key and went back home. This was Tuesday, the day I wanted to spend in Shibuya but the weather was nasty and I was not in the mood at all the leave the house.
In the evening I did go out though and met up with a Japanese coworker. We went to a coffee shop and then an Izakaya. It was so much fun. ♥
After that we went and took some purikura which turned out hilarious and then started heading back home. Just then this hot guy asked me if I wanted to go Karaoke with him and his friends but I politely declined. It was late and also, going into a dark small room with people you don't know is not a smart idea. :P
BUT I was flattered and it was a good ending for the day. :)

Today I'm teaching but I managed to do the laundry first which I'm very happy with. I'm running out of clothes.

I'm not in the best of moods but last night was great so I'm trying to hang on to that. :)
Also I have my favourite class today!! So things should be perfectly fine. :)

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11 February 2012
:: mood | optimistic ::

This week has had its ups and downs.
On Wednesday, the day I was most afraid of, I came to the conclusion that it's actually a great day and that as long as I come prepared with lots of extra stuff it should go really well. It's my favourite school so far with both the staff and the students. :)
I then had Thursday off and decided to explore some stores I was told. Specifically Yuzawaya, and art supply store and Marusen, a book store that sells English books. Both stores are in a city called Tsudanuma which is a 20min train ride away. The Tsudanuma station area is really nice! It looked like a great place to hang out with friends. So yes, I went to Yuzawaya and was blown away. I spent an hour just walking between the isles. So many different art supplies! They had all the tools to make bags and stuff it was super cool (also tons of fabrics!!). Because I didn't really know what I wanted I didn't buy anything, but when I'll do, I'll know where to go ;)
Then I went to Marusen and immediately found the English books section. I didn't actually want a book, I wanted an English-Japanese dictionary (which I found!!) and maybe a book to learn kanji (go it!). So I got those and then I went to eat at the mall across the street. In there there was a small store with lots of stockings and socks and frilly skirts. I got 3 pairs of stockings and 2 skirts. They were SUPER cheap I regret not getting more. I will >.>
Anyway, then came Friday. Man that was not a bad day. I felt really home sick for some reason + it's the day when I have 2 difficult classes. One of the classes is mostly fine, it's just that there's a girl that's REALLY weak and she's frustrated by it and I don't know how to help her because it doesn't look like she wants help. After them I had my devil children class. 4 12 year old boys. Those kids were NASTY. But I need to remind myself that starting March it'll only be 2 of them. Also I need to not let it affect the whole day because after them I have a great class! (although 3 out of the 4 are leaving).
I think that day is harder because it's mostly big classes. It's so much easier to work with only one or two students.
But yes, today was nice! It didn't start nice, it started kinda nasty and scary. I have to change trains in a station called Soga. From there I take a train to Minami-Funabashi. Anyway, I was on the train to Minami-Funabashi but it didn't leave the station yet, it still had like 5 minutes? Anyway these two girls sat in front of me and we were sitting right next to the doors. This guy walks in and just stands in the corner between the train seats and the train door on the girls' side. I don't pay too much attention to him but then he moves and does the same thing on my side. That when I realize that he's rocking back and forth a little and being generally creepy. I move a couple of chairs away from him. A few seconds later, one of the girls grabs her friend's hand and BOLTS to the other side of the train. Dude was masturbating in the train D: it was nasty. Anyway he ran out of the train and so the train ride was fine. But that was kinda shocking.
After that the day at the office was nice. I mostly cut papers and glued them. Very exciting. XD

But yes, today is my one month anniversary of being in Japan! :) I'm very excited about that. Although I am starting to feel lonely, I know things will get better and I'll get myself some new friends. Everyone is super nice and welcoming and very very friendly. It's just that everyone has different days off and so it's hard to meet. But I'm going to hang out with a couple of teachers in a couple of weeks and it'll be fun!
Tuesday is Valentine's Day and Japan takes that shit seriously. I have the day off that day and I'm kind of afraid to leave the house XD I don't want to walk around seeing couples all lovey-dovey... But I really wanna go to Tokyo... I haven't been to Harajuku since I got here!! That's blasphemy!


04 February 2012
:: mood | okay ::

!! I'm having a very important week and forgetting to update about it!

So yes, I started teaching this week!!
Wednesday was my first day. I was a nervous wreck! I almost burst out crying and I was hyperventilating and an overall mess. But then the first class was really nice and the second one too! And the third and fourth too!! But then the fifth class was a bit of a mess, a class with 6 kids and I didn't really know what to do with them... That was hard. But the rest of the day went by smoothly. :)
Then on Thursday I went to the head office and acted as a secretary for the day. That was okay.
Yesterday was my second day teaching and it was okay also except for 2 classes: a group of 3 12 year old girls that don't show any sign of understanding or not understanding. Then a group of 4 12 year old boys. Thos boys are DEVIL CHILDREN. They don't speak a word of English, they don't want to be there, they don't care. :| But right after them I have a group of 4 13 year olds who are AMAZING. So really, 1 year makes all the difference apparently! O_O
Today I was supposed to go to the head office, so that's what I did. I went all the day there and when I arrived they told me that a part time worker didn't show up for work (And didn't tell anyone!!) so I need to go and sub him. The school he works in is 1 stop away from my house ;_; so I came all the way to the office for nothing. I RAN to the train and arrived at the school.
I want to take over that schedule! ;_; seriously, today was so much better! All the kids/adults were amazing and interesting and fun! I had a Neurosurgeon!!! How cool is that right??
Also Andrew, my neighbor was teaching there so we went back home together and we went to eat some seriously delicious ramen! :D :D
Tomorrow I'm teaching at the head office. :) I hope it'll go as well as it went today.
On Monday I have a day off but then on Tuesday instead of a day off, I have a PR Event and I'm subbing. So I'll be up from around 6am until 23:00 X_X Kinda harsh, but I said I'll try. I'll get a day off on Thursday instead.

It's funny, those PR events are voluntary (we get paid but it's not a mandatory thing), but they signed me up on them as if I don't have a choice so even if I don't really want to, I feel a little bad refusing... Anyway, we'll see. :)

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30 January 2012
:: mood | ecstatic ::

That's it! I moved to my apartment!!
I'm so excited. I love it! It's small but not so small it's unliveable. There's tons of natural light and it's much warmer than the guest house!
Also I seem to have great neighbors!

I hope I'll be able to make it look and feel like home very soon. :)

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29 January 2012
:: mood | excited ::

So today I had my last observation before I start officially working. (I still have 2 more later on but I'll already be working so it'll be different).
Today was different because 1. It's in the morning, which is great. Monday and Tuesday are my days off so to have Sunday end early means I start me "weekend" early! :) (by early I mean I get home around 19:30 rather than 23:00).
Also, most of the day is made up of private lessons with older students so it's very laid back. Except for the very last lesson which is made up of four 3 year old childern. O_O; That shit is crazy XD It's a tiny room and the moms sit in the class too because if they don't then the kids start crying ^^; Also it's 50 minutes of making a complete fool of myself while the kids just stare. :P Oh well.

Tonight is my last night at the guest house! Tomorrow morning I'll be moving to my apartment! I'm super excited about that. I want to be there already and settle down and just make the place feel like home. :)

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29 January 2012
:: mood | amused ::

Japan vs. the rest of the world:

Curriers are coming around 12:00pm today to take my luggage. My job was to make sure my bags are ready, put a sticker on them and put them outside on the porch.
I'm leaving for work in about 10min and that means that the bags will be outside, unsupervised for 3.5 hours.
But this is Japan. This means that if it's not bicycles or an umbrella, they won't touch it.

I love Japan.


27 January 2012
:: mood | excited ::

So I have officially finished my training!! :D :D
I'm not entirely done with my observations (I have 3 more, 1 on Sunday and 2 neext month) but that's something else.

I have a day off tomorrow which is good because I need to pack everything. On Sunday people are coming to take my bags and on Monday I'M MOVING TO MY APARTMENT!!!!!
I'm so excited about this. I want to be there and unpack everything and start making the place pretty and my own.

Then on Wednesday I'm starting to teach. This is exciting and nerve wracking as I've already mentioned but I want it to happen already. I want it to be mid-march XD
Why mid-march? Well because by then I should be sort of okay with the classes + the schedule will be fixed and I might get my own classes (as opposed to ones I inherit from other teachers).
Also I'll be closer to getting my visa. I WANT THAT VISA.

So yes. :)

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26 January 2012
:: mood | sick ::

Facebook isn't working, Twitter isn't working, my Yahoo!Mail isn't working. The only things that seem to be working are my gmail, Hyperdia and LJ. O_O
Since when is LJ the one to actually work? :O

Anyway yeah, I'm sick. I've been sleeping terribly for 3 days now, my nose is super runny and my eyes want to get out of their sockets.
I took 2 anti cold medicine pills and sprayed my nose. I still look half dead but at least I can somewhat breathe.
I'm contemplating getting a face mask.

I want my dad's chicken soup :( that would be awesome right now.

Oh well. Off to the train station.

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Snow + PR Event
24 January 2012
:: mood | good ::

So today I got up at 6am after I had a terrible night's sleep. I was super stressed yesterday too because I had to go to the airport today and was scared of security. My boss calmed me down and explained the security to me so I was ok with that.
But yes so I woke up and it was still dark outside. I got dressed and ready, went downstairs to check my emails and saw my boss wrote me an email at 23:00. He mentioned that it was snowing pretty hard and I should look. This was 7 hours later but I opened the curtains and 'lo and behold! SNOW EVERYWHERE!!!!! I was SUPER DUPER EXCITED.
Around 7:30 I left the house and since my boots are not snow ready I had to walk really slowly so as to not slip on the ice.
I arrived to the train station and met up with another teacher. I think I was a bit late but he was like "well, we can still make the train". The trains were running REALLY late because of the snow.
Anyway we got on the train when it arrived, went to Narita airport, passed through security and met up with PR coordinator or whatever her job title is. We then went to the parking lot where we got into a van where 3 other teachers who used the Keisei line (as opposed to JR lines) arrived on time and drove away... to Narita. Basically we do a very big detour just to make it look like we come from the airport or something, so weird.
SO YES, we arrived to an elementary school and were divided to 2 groups. I was in a group with 2 other teachers, we got to play with 1st+2nd graders who are SO SO SO CUTE. We played Mr. Wolf which made the kids super excited and I was holding hands with like 5 girls, I have no idea how. XD After that we were divided to smaller groups and had to do an activity teaching them colors and feelings. Well, not really teaching but just doing something. I didn't really have anything planned and I accidently started teaching them days ^^; woops. Anyway yeah, after that they left and we had a new group. This time of 5th and 6th graders. We did the same thing but they had this card talking about themselves which was helpful. They had a cool English teacher XD
At the end we gave away these folders from Narita Airport we were told to give (because the PR event is for Narita Airport). The kids started to ask us to sign them. It was really weird and funny at the same time.
These kids were SO excited!! And the teachers too were really enjoying it. We took pictures and said goodbye then went to Narita station and I went back home.

Basically these kids get to do this type of activity once a year. They hang out with foreigners and get a kick out of it. XD The little girls were SUPER cute. All clingy and excited. :)

By the time I got home, most of the snow melted so I'm really glad I woke up early to see it. :)


YG Family Concert Report Part II
23 January 2012
:: mood | okay ::

Okay so I know my last post was kinda long, but I actually didn't say everything I wanted to say.
I hate it when I think of things to write and I have it all organized in my head but then when I sit and actually write it, it all jumbles up and I forget things! :(

So yeah, YG Family Concert Report Part II:

First I'd like to mention that Se7en sang: Better Together, Digital Bounce, and Passion with JinuSean. Then later he sang Wa jwoh and Lalala (slow and then normal and then remix) and his new song Somebody Else.
The YG Family song they sang was Meotjaengi Shinsa which I absolutely ADORE.
Gummy sang Gomen ne with TOP, Love is a Lie (I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH), and that cover-collaboration song which was really beautiful and sounded familiar but I don't know what it's called. :(

After Gummy sang Ugly with 2NE1 she was breathing really hard. Poor girl isn't used to jumping around singing, she's a ballad singer. She even said "I'm not 21, I'm 31..." which was really cute.
Speaking of cute, I'd like to mention Tablo's Japanese. It was SO CUTE. I wish they would have incorporated him a bit more into the concert. He fits in well with YG but he's still a bit of an outsider.

Anyway what I really wanted to mention was the people who came to the concert. See, I don't expect them to love ALL the artists, but I did kinda expect them to love at least... 4-5? As in, most. A lot of people came for just 2NE1 or just Big Bang which I guess is fine but when your whole block is like that, it's kinda depressing. They just sit throughout the rest of the concert waiting for their artist to show up. The thing is that it's a YG Family concert so they occasionally sing each other's songs and that confuses that audience.
Also, a lot of the audience didn't know the old stuff like JinuSean and YG Family songs, or Se7en's debut song.
So yeah, most of the concert I was the only one standing in my 5 rows radius. I was cheering really hard and stuff but yeah, it was a bit discouraging. There was such a great concert going on but the people weren't appreciating it properly, like the old lady who fell asleep during all the non-2NE1 songs, or the girls in front of me who were sitting with their light sticks turned off until they saw Big Bang or GD&TOP.
Oh well, it's their loss really. :)

Oh yeah, about the stick lights; because there were different ones (YG Family, Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Gummy, Psy) the lights in the hall were really really pretty!! I took pictures but because they confiscated my camera at the entrance, I took them with my phone so they're ok quality, only I can't take them out because I forgot the USB cable back in Israel. Woops...

And speaking about lights, the lightshow during the concert was superb! and the videos in the background were also super cool! This concert was really well made. :)

Ok! I think that's it! And even if not, I'll just keep it to myself. XD; I'll put a picture though because yey!


YG Family Concert
23 January 2012
:: mood | ecstatic ::

Ok so today was the YG Family concert and let me start out by saying it was AMAZING.

So now I'll go into details. :)
The concert was in Saitama Super Arena. That's around 2 hours away, so I left the house around 9:40 and arrived there around noon. The good started to sell at 11:00 but by the time I got there a lot of stuff were already sold out. I'm guessing they got sold out at the concert yesterday. But yeah! The line was pretty short and I got the tour pamphlet, the Suica card holder (it lights up when I use the card!! *_*) and a Big Bang light stick because the YG Family collective light stick was already sold out. Other Items I thought were cool but were sold out were YG Family pins and 2NE1 "Ugly" face masks (the ones they had in their Ugly PV). I thought about getting the poster anyway but then I held back. I also didn't get the parka because it was super expensive. Oh! There was also a Big Bang hat/mufler that looked adorable but yeah - expensive.
I got really bummed by the Big Bang light stick. It was the most expensive light stick out of the bunch (1800Yen) and it broke. :( It lights up and all but there's a part that caved in.

ANYWAY. 2NE1 seemed to have gained quite a lot of popularity because there were lots of 2NE1 cosplayers! :D
But yeah, I hung around outside, freezing to death until around 13:30 I was walking and a girl asked me if I spoke English. I said yes (duh) and I helped her with some stuff and we became friends! :D Our seats weren't next to each other but we hung around together until the gates opened and on the way back to the train station. i'm happy!

BUT NOW - the concert.
So my seat was pretty terrible, but considering I only bought it on Tuesday, I can't complain. Plus it was an actual SEAT unlike the Tokio concert AND I could see (well, I could see the screens). Next to me were nothing but old ladies. XDDDDDDDDDDD IT WAS HILARIOUS. On my right there was an old lady with a 2NE1 light stick that only stood up for 2NE1 songs and the rest of the time was sleeping XD; On my right, there was a very calm lady, she sat through most of the concert but seemed to be enjoying herself. Next to HER was another older lady that was a Se7en fan :D
Oh and in front of me there were 2 Big Bang fangirls with a huge crush on TOP. Acutally, I think all the girls in the stadium had a crush on TOP. XD;

Right, so the concert started with 2NE1 singing 3 songs (Fire, Can't Nobody, Go Away). They were SUPER CUTE. CL is so pretty ;_; After them I don't remember the order. XD I think Big Bang came in and also sang 3 songs (Tonight, Hands Up, Garagara Go!!), then Se7en did and he sang a song with JinuSean (it was EPIC), then JinuSean sang a few songs (Malhaejeo with Dara, A-Yo and a YG Family song with Se7en and G-Dragon), then Gummy came in and sang 2 songs followed by Tablo who also sang 2 songs (Love is Bad with Bom and Airbag with Gummy), I think then Psy came in. That man can perform! The whole crowed was super hyper! He sang 5 songs!!! After that they started messing around so I don't remember the order, I do remember Seungri doing a Se7en parody and singing Se7en's debut song while being dressed like Se7en was in his PV, this was followed by Se7en singing that song again and then singing Lalala. Oh yeah GD&TOP performed High High and Oh Yeah with Bom, Gummy did a cover of GD's Heartbreaker. Tablo sang Tomorrow with Taeyang. 2NE1 came back to sing I am the Best, I Don't Care and Ugly with Gummy. Gummy also did a collaboration with a Japanese artist I don't know but it was really good! :) Big Bang came back and sang a few more songs (Haru Haru, Lie, Heaven). After that I think the encores started. 2NE1 sang Big Bang's Last Farewell, Big Bang sang 2NE1's I'm the Best, Psy decided to dance to Lady Gaga's Poker Face and Beyonce's Single Ladies (and dress accordingly and call himself Lady Ssa Ssa & Ssayonce). After that everyone came out and sang Malhejeo again and that's it! :)
At least that's what I remember. XDD
I'm very sad there was no 1TYM but you can't have it all right? :)
Anyway, this concert was AMAZING, I had a great time! I hope I'll get to see them again, either seperately or together. :)

Edit: Oh oh! And apparently it was Minzy's birthday yesterday so we sang her happy birthday! :D Girl turned 18!! Although I have no idea if it's really 18 or Korean 18...


20 January 2012
:: mood | pensive ::

Right, so I've had 2 days of observation. One day on a schedule that I'll be taking over and one just to see a different style.
The ones I'll be taking over I'm really worried about because they have a great teacher that they love and he's been teaching some of them for 3-4 years! So I just hope they'll get used to me and end up liking me too ^^;
So yeah, yesterday I observed classes I'm not taking over and I got to see different things and befriend the teacher! :D :D She's really cool and I hope we'll get to hang out a bit together. After work we went out to eat and it was great. :)
Today I'm going to observe classes I'll be taking over. This concept is so hard for me to understand. I mean, obviously I'm not going to open my own classes from the first day, but then again, these kids (and it really is mostly kids) get attached to their teacher. Not to mention I can't possibly know everything they've learned before... But I guess that's what the books are for. And the classes are short too so that's good.
I just basically need to chill out. I'm over thinking this and it's making me sound like a crazy person.

On a brighter note, I'll be meetip up with Kayako tomorrow!! :D :D I'm so happy about that! I can't wait to see her again, I really missed her.

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17 January 2012
:: mood | stressed ::

I guess today is the day I have my meltdown...
There's just so much information to take in and so much to internalize and understand I feel like I'm going to burst.
Actually, I almost bust crying this morning...Not good.
I've been shaking a lot too... It's just really hard to handle this alone, even if I knew this would happen.
I received my schedule for the next month and a half and it's CRAZY. I'm teaching in 5 different schools, each one in a different area, each one harder to get to than the other. While the trains are fantastic, it's still an hour ride to each direction with 3 or 4 trains to each direction. It's really scary and stressful. It's also teaching around 7 classes each day, different age groups and SO MANY NAMES.
I'm tired and I'm cold and I'm alone and super stressed. So yeah, it really doesn't matter that I knew this would happen and that I would be crying a lot. When you're in it, you're in it and it's hard to stop.

On a happier note, I'm having a 3 day weekend which allows me to go to the YG Family concert in Saitama. There were still tickets so I went and got one just now. I wish I had someone to go with me but it's ok, I went to concerts alone and it was fun, and this one will be epic. I mean, I'll get to see Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Table, JinuSean, Gummy and Psy. How amazing is that? The only thing that would make this even more spectacular would be if 1TYM were performing too but yeah.

Also, everyone really has been really really REALLY nice and accomodating and reassuring. It's just my own isecurities and crazies that are attacking. Also, the cold.

This is the time when talking to my parents would make me feel better but would break their hearts because they wouldn't be able to do anything and I can't stop crying...

But yes, I was taught to finish things ona happy note so YEY YG FAMILY CONCERT!!!

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16 January 2012
:: mood | cold ::

Okay, so I had my first day of training!!
They shoved a shit-ton of information into my brain and it was extremely overwhelming. But there are a few more training days + observation days so I think that by the end I should be fine. :)
I also wore my pretty formal dress with my brand new blazer and felt like a flight attendant XDD
Oh I also had to do a formal introduction - Japanese style in front of all the workers. ;_; It was so stressful and embarassing.

So yeah, not much else to tell really. Have I mentioned how cold it is? Because it's REALLY cold!


Touristy Day
13 January 2012
:: mood | tired ::

Today I decided to be a good little tourist and go to Narita to see Narita-san! it's the 3rd largest shrine in Japan or something! :D Needless to say it was pretty impressive.
While the Shrine itself was very pretty and very big, the part I liked best was the beautiful park it was next to. There was a river and lakes and lots of green, it was really really pretty :)
After that I went to the main street that led to the shrine and saw that almost every restaurant was serving eel. I decided to be brave and went into one to try it.
The eel itself was fine, very filling! But the company was the best XD see it's one of the restaurants where you have to take off your shoes in order to sit next to the table and you sit next to random people. So I sat down and infront of me there were 2 older Japanese women who were almost done and next to me there was an old lady who just sat down with me. While I was waiting for my order, the woman infront of me asked me if I spoke Japanese, I told her a little bit and then she asked me if eel was ok (XD) I told her it was my first time so she went "aaah!! eel is delicious." XD After that I got my dish and they left, but the lady told me to enjoy my lunch. ♥
THEN I started eating so the old lady next to me asked me how it was and I told her it was good. After that, 2 new old ladies sat down next to me. After a while one of them tells me I use my chopsticks very well (it's a trend apparently, to appreciate my chopsticks skills XDD happened back in 2009 too). While that happened, an elderly couple sat infront of me and agreed with the other lady about my chopsticks skills. They then asked me where I was from and stuff. I told them Israel and they went "aaah!" :P
So yeah, that was FUNNY as HELL. I love Japanese old ladies, they just don't give a shit and will talk to anyone ♥ ♥
After that I thought about going back home but it was only 13:00 so I decided to go to Akihabara to find some birthday presents. Unfortunately I didn't find what I wanted AND my feet started to hurt really bad. :( Around 16:00 I started my way back home and now here I am.
I can't wait to move to my apartment, even though it's on the 4th floor with no elevator (daily workout!), it's smaller so it'll heat up faster. Right now I'm freezing at night and while I'm typing this, I'm staring angrily at the AC wondering why it won't heat up the living room properly! >:( (oh and there's no heating in the bathroom! T_T)


12 January 2012
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I'm in Japan! :D

So, the flight from Israel to Korea was SUPER LONG. It was really pleasant because Korean Air are amazing and everyone was quiet and the 2 Israelis sitting next to me offered me the window sit and were generally really nice.
The problem was that I couldn't find a comfortable enough position to fall asleep in so even though I was exhausted AND took a sleeping pill, I didn't really sleep much and I was too tired to watch a movie (even though they had Arrow: the Ultimate Weapon!!)
Then we arrived to Incheon airport which is gorgeous and full of cool stuff! I hung around there and time really flew by and my flight to Japan was up. THIS flight, I wish it were the longer one! ;_; It was only an hour and 40 minutes but I had a whole bench to myslef!! *_* So I took the opportunity to go to sleep for a little bit.

I then arrived to Narita! :D
The immigration went really smoothly but then after I got my suitcase I went to pass the customs check and he asked me for my return ticket. That's when I realized that the attendant at the airport in Israel took my ticket but never gave it back... So he went over my suitcase. He was really nice! But I was terrified ;_;
I then met up with the guy who was picking me up and had a really fun drive to the guest house. He showed me all the places I should check out and made sure I knew my way to and from the train station. It was great.
The house itself is really nice! It's made for 5 people but I'm the only one so it's really big (and REALLY COLD OMG MY FINGERS). I will never undrestand why Japanese stairs have to be so steep but they are. The best part though is the heated toilet sit. I'm sorry but when it's 0c outside and the only room that's heated is your bedroom, that heated toilet seat is a blessing!
So yeah, I took a shower and went to sleep. Woke up this morning and hooked up the computer. :)
I'll be putting up the pictures of the house on Facebook for now but I might put some pictures here too occasionally :)
Anyway, I decided to go for a walk to see the area in daytime and stuff. I went and got myself a melon pan and some tea bags.
And now I'm here! Later today the guest house manager is supposed to come and he'll explain some stuff to me. I think that after that I'll head off to Tokyo :)

So that's it for now! :)

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